A warm welcome to Heddon Bush School.

We are a small rural school situated approximately 15 minutes from Winton in Central Southland. High quality teaching and learning is a priority here at Heddon Bush.

Our aim is to create a positive learning environment and school culture. We have high expectations for our students to reach their full potential in all areas of their development. We are firmly committed to meeting the learning needs of all our students and caring for their well-being.

Our school is set amongst farmland, we have a great sheltered playground and three large classrooms that provide flexible working spaces for our students. We are very well resourced, as well as three full time teachers; we have two teacher aides who support learning across all the levels. Owning our own school bus is also an advantage when it comes to school trips.

As an Enviro School we have a strong association with our environment and the students are particularly proud of our guardianship role of a local stand of native bush named  Horner’s Donut.

We believe a strong partnership between home and school is essential to students’ success and we welcome families to our school.

We look forward to meeting you.

Nicola Dunn