Our Team - Staff, Board of Trustees, Home & School

Our Teaching Team:
Principal –
Mrs Nicola Dunn
Junior Room teacher - Miss Sarah McKenzie
Middle Room teacher - Mrs Nicola Dunn
Senior Room teacher - Mrs Narelle Collie


Supporting our teachers are:
Teacher aide/Administration—
Mrs Vicki-Lynne Hubber
Teacher aide—Mrs Pat Kennedy
Office Manager/School bus driver—Mrs Jenny Paul
Cleaner—Mrs Sagiane da Costa Radi 


Our Board of Trustees:
Chairperson—Donald Kidd
Principal—Nicola Dunn
Staff Representative – Annabel Anderson
Parent Representative – Bart Luijten
Parent Representative – Bradley Cook 
Parent Representative – Georgette Wouda
Parent Representative – Rodger Eade


Our Home & School:
We have a very supportive Home & School group; they meet each term and run fundraisers to enable the school to be able to afford the extras for our students. They also make financial contributions to make school opportunities such as school camp more affordable for families.

Our Home & School also hold school community events such as Bingo nights and school discos for the students. Becoming a member of the Home and School is a great way to become involved in our school and new members are always welcome.